Spray för impregnering av textilier som ger ett effektivt skydd mot vätskor och andra fläckar. Den förenklar också rengöring av textilen om olyckan är framme. Textilimpregnering som effektivt skyddar dina textilier mot vätskor.

Den gör dessutom att textilien blir lättare att göra ren om olyckan är framme. Textilmaterial behandlade med Textile Protection får en mycket . Låt torka helt och dammsug upp torra restpartiklar. Skyddsbehandla tyget med Textile Protection.

Testa alltid textiliens färgresistens på en dold yta innan . Coverage: 500ml of Textile Protect covers up to . Super-Hydrophobic textile soffa-Nano4life Scandinavia. Innovativa och användarvänliga nano spray. Buy Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray 2Ml and other Shoe Care Kits. Spray Control Textile spray shield can be used on valves, expansion vessels, fittings and other equipment, or on flanges to protect against sprays that even . Spray Textile protector 400ml – Maston Textile Protector forms an invisible protection against dirt and moisture.

Specially made to work on various cloth and textile applications, Avel Textile Protection Spray helps guard against soil and water damage of fabric shoes, boots. Directions: If the fabric is not new, clean any stains with Textile Cleaner.

Shake the Textile Protector bottle and spray evenly on the entire surface to be treated . Kaps Sneakers Protector protects your sneakers against water and dirt. PRODUCTS HOW-TO FAQ BUILT‑IN PROTECTION. I knew that what ever fabric we chose could be sprayed with Scotch-Guard Spray. CleverCOAT hydrophobic water spray for textile.

There are special protector sprays, pump sprayers, liquids and foams for textiles, which you can use the same . Cashmere, silk, cotton, silk, wool,. Provides water, dirt and oil repellent surface, . Ultimate care and unique protection. GoGoNano Always Dry Superhydrophobic Spray offers complete protection against water, mu dirt or oil. Items fresh look will remain for long time. An instrumented steam spray manikin technology should be developed to.

It provides excellent repellency to stains. Super hydrophobic nano coating turns fabric textile, leather into waterproof. Protect clothes, hat, footwear, art canvas prints, sofa, mattress from water.

Keep em clean and fresh repellx converse nr coating protection textile . Makes surface water repellent. Vital Protection Textile Spray provides all .