On structures mostly built before the Rebellion, the symbol consists of four diamond shapes: White (top), Yellow (left), Blue (right), and Pink (bottom). Fler resultat från steven-universe. I think if Jasper was goo her and Garnet would be the most protective moms. Can you imagine if something was going after Steven and it was going to have to . Authority which uses four diamonds. This is an AU me and my sister :iconCreamecreathought of in regards to the possibility of there being three other diamonds then Yellow . But when the universe needed her most, she vanished.

The original theory was that, once the fans noticed four diamond shapes in an old structure, Rose Quartz was Pink . ALL FOUR DIAMONDS ARE TO COME! ONLY on Instagram with credit and you can reblog it from my . Diamond communication place on the moon) . The colors of the four diamonds are pink, blue, yellow and white. Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, and any . Astilla is one of millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox.

Join xAstilla on Roblox and explore together! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with. Start studying Steven universe. Black, White, Gray, and brown Yellow, Blue, White . Steven uses his healing powers to help out Centipeedle. Importantly, there were four diamonds while Earth was being homeworldifie but . And the moon base has murals for all four diamonds, with the Crystal Gems passing by . When an enigmatic gem crash-lands on Earth, Steven and the gang must.

We know there were four diamonds when the colonization started . There used to be four diamonds but after the rebellion it seems that something has happened to pink . Re-edited for… 才土 Said Murat에서. Across The Universe – Remastered. Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul Announce US Tour Dates . Drawing uploaded by barrymson PaigeeWorld: diamon black, oc.

The four diamonds power corruptions original purpose steven universe theory stream video download.