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Om inte detta fungerar (och det är inte varje gång det gör det) så måste skivan slipas . SPECS: Paste wax, white color, 2ml. Our Marble Paste replaces all common, harsher abrasive products and can be used for polishing various hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. Can also be used for the final finish of stone, marble and granite.

Tin Oxide Polishing Compound. Granite Marble Polishing VX-SL Wax, Marble Granite Polishing Liquid Preparatino, Speciale Paste Marble Polishing Wax and RRLiquid for Marble Granite . Discover our full range of cleaning equipment and supplies to keep your home clean and fresh with the right tools and accessories. Wholesale marble polishing powder from China marble polishing powder. Wholesale diamond polishing powder,marble polishing compounmarble polishing . A diluted version of the original paste formula.

Artificial marble and onyx, very low colour. Bianco Carrara (White Carrera) Marble Tile Herringbone Mosaic Polish .

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