New Crop Resource Online Program. The top end of the cashew apple is attached to the stem that . They are now the most-eaten .

The cashew apples are finally ripe in the Philippines. You probably have eaten cashew nuts before, but might not have see the fruit from which this nut comes. It turns out, that cashew is one of the . The “false fruit” is edible, but highly .

Well, it turns out drinking cashew apple juice helps you burn fat. This is common knowledge in places . Please observe the two parts: the cashew apple (the fruity, colorful part) and the cashew nut (still encased in the shell). A nutritionist, Jummai Abdul, has recommended the consumption of cashew fruit juice for enhanced sexual activities, including energy boost in . The species was brought to P. Growing cashews is the easy part.

To me they look more like a . While farmers in India once left cashew apples to rot, some are now selling them as the source of what Pepsi hopes could be the next coconut . The fruit of the cashew is easily bruised and hence cannot be transported far.

Cashew trees grow like weeds. Attached to these are the cashew nuts that are harvested and eaten throughout the world. Some may say they like fruits . The false fruit (called cashew fruit or cashew apple) is edible, but it is very perishable. It is often left to rot, but can be eaten raw, cooke or used . In some localities the dried fruits are roasted amid burning . If you can provide that environment then you can grow your cashew tree and enjoy the nuts and fresh fruits that are called cashew apple, throughout the year. A post with pictures and information about the cashew apple, fruit and nut.

My mom is visiting us right now and she brought some fruits, vegetables and greens fresh from our farm. She got some fresh cashew fruits, red and green water . An ovoid to pear-shaped accessory fruit or false fruit that develops from the receptacle of the cashew flower (the true fruit being the cashew nut). People enjoy cashew nuts, whereas cashew apples are less valued.

Leaving cashew apples on the land is an enormous loss of money. Even in India—a country famous for its rich, buttery kaju . Its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree, caju, it is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew apples and nuts . Wholesome, delicious snack bars made from cashews, dates and dried pineapple, with no added sugar or preservatives!