Blue Pearl Shrimp, Neocaridina cf. Beautiful and striking to look at, they are also extremely practical as they are . Got blue pearls from Miko, everyone made the trip just fine!

Ulf Gottschalk of Germany was able . Over the last week or so, I keep finding some of my blue pearls with the back of their bodies turning white. This is not the white that shrimp turn when they are old . I am hoping they do their thing and multiply.

Might have dropped any eggs during shipping. See animals and pets for adoption available on OLX Philippines. Find great deals on for blue pearl shrimp and live shrimp. They are stunning to watch and are much like other Neocaridina . What are the benefits of blue pearl shrimp?

Look at those future blue pearl shrimps inside eggs . Gets even more ice-blue than the one in the picture. Informasjon om Neocaridina cf. This Pin was discovered by Alphonsus Ho.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Fast deliver, live arrival guaranteed! We carry the best quality fish anywhere. I just got some blue pearls offa aquabi cheap and free shipping, so who could argue?

In this article, you can find one account of sourcing shrimp, the setup . We export our tropical fishes to . Blue pearl shrimp is from neocaridina family, ideal for beginner shrimp keepers and they tolerate to most of new environment. This light summer dish matches pearl couscous (little spheres of toasted semolina dough) with crisp shrimp and tender, garlicky zucchini. Not the be confused with blue pearl shrimp, the blue tiger shrimp is relatively unique in appearance due to the blue found throughout its body. Their striking cerulean blue . These shrimps are Neocaridina cf.

I will try female blueberry to male blue pearl first, if nothing happens, will . Water Temperature: 78°F – 80°F. General Hardness: 75ppm – 300ppm. Total Alkalinity: 80ppm – 180ppm.

Same family as the cherry shrimp, so they will cross breed. The striking cerulean blue coloration of these dream blue velvet shrimp adds elegance and a .